Sunday, April 12, 2015

Change your diet... Change your life

Change your diet...Change your life

Research is showing that the food we consume is the number one contributor to our overall health.
We need high quality and nutrient dense whole foods to have our bodies operate the way they are
intended.  It also has been shown, that what we consume also can be healing and prevent  chronic illnesses.  Multiple Sclerosis, along with Diabetes, High blood pressure,etc.. is one condition that can be treated with your diet! 

Here is video from Dr. Terry Wahls, on how she treats herself for MS:
From Wheelchair to Walking
Also an article from Dr. John McDougall:
The McDougall Newsletter
A video from Dr. Michael Gregor:
Treating Multiple Sclerosis

"Invest in your nutrition. Healthy foods are way cheaper than hospital bills"

Have great week!

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