Saturday, November 25, 2017


This weeks post is a little different.  You might have seen people wearing those rubber wristbands with different sayings or recognizing certain causes. "Livestrong", "Autism", "Breast Cancer Awareness" to name just a few.  One of these bracelets that I have noticed more of is "Unbreakable".  In our ever changing world we need to be more aware of our own personal strength.  We need to unlock the potential we have within each of us.  "Unbreakable"  bands come from a company called Mind in Motion.  One the first products of theirs I came across was a canvas tote my daughter had purchased. "Look Within" has a inspirational message on it that I have to share.

" I am a movement unto myself.  Energy is not something I burn.  It's a force I create.  I will get the most out of every step I take during my finite time on this earth.  I have the power to believe in myself.  With each deep breath, I fuel every cell with oxygen.  When my body is in motion my mind will follow.  Every movement will be guided by an inner power.  I will defy everyday gravity.  I will carry my mental couch to the curb.  I will not allow an ounce of negativity to weigh down my human spirit.  I will live.  I will laugh.  I will love infinitely.  I will soar above mountaintops.  I will never give up or give in.  My passions are unrelenting.  Fear cannot weaken my will or lessen my determination to lift others up.  My strength comes from within.  This is my core.  And it is UNBREAKABLE".

Please check out their website for awesome products and inspiration.

We hold the power inside of us that can change the world, but we must let it flow out of us in our actions and the words we speak.  The entire world and everything in it are connected.  One cannot operate correctly without the others.  A kind word to someone you don't know could be life changing.  Start everyday (not just Thanksgiving) with Gratitude, being thankful for what you have and the ones in your life who have loved and influenced you.  Being grateful will bring joy to every moment of you life.

Have a great week. 
Be kind.

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