Saturday, January 25, 2020

Recommended Reading 01/25/20

It's the first 2020 Recommended Reading time!

Introducing the newest addition to our family:

Miso and Mochi
The sweetest sister and brother rescues who joined our family at the end of the year.   They were just 8 weeks old and have 7 other siblings who all have been adopted.  It is quite an enjoyment to watch them play and grow.  They will never take the place of the Queen Lizzie, but they definitely are creating their own Kingdom,

The Queen

Let's get started with:

U.S. households throws out $240 billion dollars a year worth of food, that's crazy!  Don't go to the grocery store hungry.
This is both crazy and scary: One Nation, Tracked,  12 million phones, one dataset, zero privacy.

GM is bringing back the Hummer, thank God it's electric.

For a blast from the past, check out a new hotel at JFK airport that recently opened: TWA Hotel,  our daughter Bree spent some time there this past week while on a short business trip in Manhattan,  She was very impressed, saying it would be great to spend the night there while on a layover/early flight to Europe.

8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since introduced in the 1950's.  Most all of it is still here and 91% of it is not recycled.
New technology from RESYNERGI know just what to do with it.  They have compact mobile equipment that turns chipped plastic waste into clean fuel sources.

4 Environmental laws that athletes(and everyone) should know and fight for.

Possible BLUE/GREEN  -Green New deal proposed by Elizabeth Warren.

A short important video from Ocean Unite: #Love30x30

The ocean gives us life: it provides half the oxygen we breathe, has absorbed a quarter of our CO2 emissions and over 90% of the excess heat trapped by those emissions, it puts food on our plates and is home to 80% of all life on Earth.

I know there are endless issues we all face everyday.  But the most important issue the world faces right now is the climate crisis.  If we all don't work together and solve this, all else really doesn't matter.  WHAT IF WE SURVIVE?


Build strength, stamina, stability and power with these 4 Essential Bodyweight Exercises.

Another reason why we should just give up sweeteners all together, Not Sweet Nothings.

Joking aside, for health reasons we need to "cut the cheese"  Nut cheeses  have come a long way and are way more healthy and earth friendly.

Here's another take on "Crazy Shit", Wasting Food: Steps You Can Take to Stop Food Waste.

How to order a healthy plant-based meal from any restaurant menu.

For a rainy afternoon video, watch Rich Roll and Dr. Zach Bush at the Nantucket Project.

For a quick and delicious meal whip up Chef Chloe's vegan Avocado Pesto Pasta and steam some fresh broccoli topped with nutritional yeast.

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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