Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gut Health: Part 5

Gut Health: Part 5

This is the last of the series on gut health.
Kris and I just got back from a week of visiting relatives in Arizona.
We had a great time with them.  Also saw some beautiful desert areas, 
Grand Canyon, Painted murals in Chloride,Arizona , and even spent time on 
Route 66 in  Donkey Town. Good times!

On the long "red-eye" flight back while Kris slept, I listened to Rich Roll's
latest podcast with Dr. Robynn Chutkan, M.D.  It is the perfect way to conclude
this series on gut health.  You can find it here: Rich Roll
 I know these podcasts are sometimes long, but they are well worth the time invested listening.

"There is no question the number one food to eat to grow a good gut garden is plant fiber,
and there really can be no debate about that"
Robynne Chutkan M.D.

"Live dirty, eat clean"

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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