Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Plants"'s whats for lunch!

Plants...It's whats for lunch!

 Here's two quick and easy lunch ideas with very little prep time needed.
This afternoon, Kris wanted Asian inspired lettuce wraps.
She already had some colored bell peppers sliced, so it was a quick fix.

Lettuce Wraps

Several Butter or Boston lettuce leaves, rinsed.
1 slice each of green, red and yellow bell pepper.
1 slice oven roasted "Tofurky."
A mixture of Just Mayo and dried dill.
Add whatever else you like.  Avocado, red onion, water chestnuts etc.

I decided I wanted a little something different:

Chickpea Sammies

1-15 oz. can of chickpeas.
1/2 cup of diced green, red and yellow bell peppers.
1/4 cup of diced sweet onions.
Pinch of garlic powder.
Pinch of smoked paprika.
Sea salt and black pepper.

Mash the chickpeas or put them in a food processor for a few seconds.
Add all other ingredients.
Stir in a little bit of Just Mayo as well as dried dill or chipotle powder, 
depending on your preference.
Stir until the consistency resembles tuna salad.

I had mine on sliced homemade whole wheat bread with Organic Romaine lettuce.
Quick and easy!

Lizzie the sous chef says:
Have a great week!
Be kind.

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