Sunday, April 26, 2015



I watched the "Cowspiracy" documentary yesterday.  I listened to a Rich Roll podcast, with the writers/ producers of this incredible documentary a while back. It's content is eye-opening. It will make you angry, with how corporations and environmental organizations don't want to look at the real causes of our state of  the environment.  But also, it gives you hope to know there is a way to change it for the better, through changing the way we eat.

You can watch the film on their website( until Wednesday 29th) for a donation of only $1, but donate more if possible.
It will change your frame of reference on your life, how you eat and what you can do to change our world to be better place for our future generations.

Watch the trailer here: Cowspiracy trailer
Then please watch the film: 

Thank you 
Have a great week!

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