Sunday, April 1, 2018

Recommended Reading 04/01/18

It's time for Spring's 1st recommended reading list!
Here's a follow up on last week's post about "Gut Bomb", A video from Dr. Michael Gregor: Microbiome: We are what they eat
On the environmental side of news;  
Hopefully you are aware of the Dept. of Interior's pressing issue of reducing our National Monuments.  Read Protect Public Lands first, then check out the truths behind the reduction: The Cleanest Line.
Then for a real sh**ty article check out: There's Human Poop in Glacier Waters.
Just when you thought you were getting old and had no motivation to get off the couch, check out this video:100 & 102 year old's break world running records. For more on these two champions: Running Wisdom.
Have you ever wondered the origin of  certain vegetables?  I find it fascinating. The History of Each Vegetable will give some answers.
here's some great tips on How to Save Money On a Plant-Based Diet by Julieanna Hever
You can hear more wisdom on nutrition from  Julieanna and Ray Cronise on Everything Plant-Based Nutrition.

Have a great week. 
Be kind.

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