Saturday, May 18, 2019

London / Amsterdam Recap

For the past few weekends we have been traveling, so there was no post this past Sunday.
We had a wonderful time in London and Amsterdam.  The two cities were quite different, but we thoroughly enjoyed both.  We had hoped for good weather and we definitely got it, mostly sunny skies and upper 50' temperatures.  Perfect weather for walking, running in London's Hyde Park, and of course biking in Amsterdam's Vondel Park.  According to Captain Jack and Kim at Flagship Canal Cruises, there are over 800,000 people in Amsterdam and 1.3 million bikes!  300,000 bikes end up in the canals every year.  If you ever are in Amsterdam, definitely go on the canal cruise with them.

While in Amsterdam we had a few local foods we wanted to try: 



Dutch Apple Cake

Almost every restaurant has plant-based options, and many only serve vegan meals.
Such as:

I was inspired and in awe of the environmental importance with public transportation, rail and subways (London) and organic food choices in both Amsterdam and London.  Most vehicles were either electric, hybrids or diesel powered.  Our taxi from Schipol International Airport in Amsterdam was a Tesla! I did not see one full-sized pickup truck or SUV.   Even UPS trucks were electric.  Gasoline was almost $7 per gallon.

While Amsterdam was busy, it was very laid back and everything just moved in harmony.  
London, on the other hand was very proper and very clean.  
Very Royal, very polite, great customer service was its priority.  

Plant-based Deliciously Ella Deli ironically in an old dairy.

Local market

Nice billboard

Overall, it was a wonderful trip, spending time with the family,
 and we are looking forward to returning another time.

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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