Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Plantpower Way

"The Plantpower Way"

I am a big fan of Rich Roll.  I'm not sure where or how I learned of him.
After reading his book "Finding Ultra", (several times now) I have found I can relate to his story,
his drive, and his desire to help others to become more "healthy" in there own lives.
He began doing podcasts back in November 2012, and I have listened to every one of them. 
The insight and knowledge I have gained has been invaluable. Not only on nutrition, but a myriad
 of topics!  I travel all over the state of Florida for work. Being behind the wheel for long periods of time gives me ample time to listen uninterrupted. Knowing that it will playing, my coworkers when driving with me, now ask what the podcast is going to be about. I look forward to Monday mornings
to see what new the podcast will be.

Rich and his wife, Julie Piatt have just released a new book called The Plantpower Way . Two years in the making, it just released last month.  GET IT!  It will change the way you think about your life.
Please watch the trailer here:Trailer; The Plantpower Way 
It was on my wishlist to purchase, but I was blessed by receiving it a gift from my very good 
friend, Damien. THANK YOU!

"This not your typical  recipe book.  It is a book about hope and the universally shared
belief that anyone of us can be better...You will not find better guides in that quest"
Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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