Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy Healthy New Year

Let's  begin on the road to living a healthier life.  People always make New Years resolutions but seldom follow through with keeping them.  Even if you stray from the path, you can always find the way back.  Don't give up. It's when we stop that we fail.  

Here is a great way to start you on your journey with an article from Kris Carr.

With flu season upon us, it is very important that we are eating well balanced, immunity boosting and nutrient rich foods.  Kris and I personally do not believe in getting a flu shot for many reasons.  Here two great articles by Darin Olien: "Why you need to rethink getting the flu shot." and "Immunity Boosting Natural Flu Shot".

This week's post is all about "Ginger root".   For centuries, ginger has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat colds, stomachaches, nausea and indigestion.   It is treasured in Asian cuisine with its tangy, lemony and spicy taste.  It is a favored go-to herbal remedy for those who believe in natural healing.  Some who are older may remember our Grandmothers giving us ginger-ale when we had a stomachache.   Back then it actually had ginger in it!  In 1982 it beat out Dramamine in a head-to-head test when blindfolded volunteers were spun in a tilted rotating chair.  It is now considered a nontoxic broad-spectrum anti-vomiting agent in countering nausea, vomiting, motion sickness.  It helps to calm the effects of nausea in pregnancy, chemo, radiation and after surgery.  Ginger has its most effects in late winter.  On cold damp days, a steaming hot cup of ginger tea warms your bones and burns up congestion and mucus.  For congestion in the back of your throat, make a syrup of 1/4 tsp each of dry ginger, turmeric and black pepper mixed into 1 tsp of raw honey.  Slowly lick over 15 minutes, repeating up to three times per day.  When you combine ginger with black pepper and dried pippali it forms an Ayuredic formula called "trikatu".   This formula is excellent for eliminating mucus and congestion in the lungs.

Other benefits include;

*Reduces pain from exercise.
*Assists in weight loss.
*Treats anemia (stimulates production of blood cells).
*Helps manages diabetes (combining honey and ginger reduces oxidative stress).
*Helps to prevent liver disease (gingerols helps improves insulin resistance).

You can find fresh ginger in the produce aisle of most all grocery stores.  Make sure it is firm to touch, not dried out or wilted. For a quick pick me up, peel the skin (if not organic), finely chop about a tbsp and steep in hot water for 2-3 minutes, add some honey and enjoy!

I just started an, I will be posting on it as much as possible.

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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