Sunday, October 2, 2016



We spent the week in NYC for our 25th anniversary.  Blue skies,🌞 and 65', 30% humidity greeted us on Saturday morning.  You couldn't ask for nicer weather, considering the last few months at home it's been high 90's feeling like 100'.  Saturday morning began with breakfast at Bluestone Lane Cafe, with warm banana bread and chilled coconut quinoa porridge.

Next stop was the Union Square Farmers Market.   You could stock up on a whole weeks worth of fresh veggies and fruit, not to mention fresh cut flowers, herbs and breads.  Most were organically grown, non-GMO and there was a large selection of gluten-free items as well.

There are so many places and things to do, which can be overwhelming.  
  I would try to get a short run first thing in the morning while Kris got ready for the day.  You can pick a route, head west to the Hudson River or east to the East River.  Manhattan is only  approximately 3 miles across.  Early morning runs have less traffic and you get to experience the grittiness of NYC.
East River- Brooklyn Bridge                                                          FDR Drive morning traffic

West Side/ Hudson River/Battery Park                     Battery Park with New Jersey in background

After my run, I would head to Juice Press for a quick cold-pressed post run pick-up.

When we vacation, we don't go to the usual "tourist spots" like Times Square, etc.  We usually rent an AirBNB apartment in a residential area so as to get the real NYC feeling.  On this trip, we did spend one day as a tourist and rode the Staten Island Ferry with incredible views of the Financial District, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Governors Island.  Afterwards we had an emotional visit to the 911 Memorial and went to top of One World Observatory.  Words cannot express the feeling.

 911 Memorial                                                                                         One World Observatory

View from atop One World

I'm amazed and fascinated by this city and its diversity.  
 We ate at so many great restaurants while there but my favorite was by CHLOE.
Everything was incredibly delicious and I could eat there everyday! 
.There are so many things to do and places to visit, you just can't possibly do it all in one trip.

Have great week.
Be kind.

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