Sunday, September 3, 2017

Recommended Reading 09/03/17

Lizzie says "Listen Up!" it's recommended reading time. There is a sign at "The Hemingway Home" in Key West that states "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff".  It couldn't be more true with Lizzie, we have been blessed with her Majesty being part of our family for almost seventeen years now.  From being a stray 6 month old alley cat to her "staff" lovingly taking care of her she is quite the character. 

Here are the recommended reading and viewing suggestions for the week:

We all know its hot out so stay hydrated with the "5 Healthiest Beverages You Should Be Drinking Right Now".
"King Curtis" would never say bacon is NOT good for you.. don't eat them, love them.."8 Things You've Never Known That Pigs LOVE To Do"
Another important reason from last weeks post on our breathing.. "Why You Should Practice Breathing Through Your Nose(And Not Your mouth)
It amazes me that there is still a debate on if "climate change" exists.."Exxon Misleads The Public" It doesn't surprise me at all after reading "Run To Failure and The Making of Deepwater Horizon Disaster"
Nearly 660 million people in the world live without clean is doing something about it.  Listen to its founder on "Rich Roll Podcast with Scott Harrison" we all can make a difference.

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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