Saturday, April 20, 2019

Earth Day 2019

Earth Day should be a National Holiday

Our planet and the life we know environmentally is under attack.  There is no denying that climate change is a REAL thing.  We as the human species are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction and we are the cause.  It is said we have 12 Years to Make the Change, and even though the United States opted out of the Paris Climate Agreement, many states and companies are still targeting to do what they can in the fight to curb climate change.  New ideas to address the issue are happening every day and in more States, like Minnesota and even NYC.

We must all do our part: 
*Drive less, consolidate your errands.  Take public transportation if available.
Ditch the single use plastic bags! USE RECYCLED GROCERY BAGS, not only do they hold more items they come in so many different designs.  And very reasonable in price, starting at 99 cents.
Turn the A/C off when possible and let clean fresh air cleanse your house of stale, stagnant oxygen.
Just get out in nature and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth.

Let's celebrate Earth Day all the time.

Have a great week.
Be kind. 

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