Sunday, August 20, 2017

Living A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Health is a state of balance, and illness indicates a state of imbalance.  When we restore balance, healing will take place.  Living a plant-based lifestyle has the power to guide our bodies to optimum health.  Not only is this true in what we eat but also in what we use on our bodies and our surroundings.  Long before man-made medicines were available, people sought relief from physical and mental ailments with natures healing plants and botanicals.  Chinese and Ayurveda medicines have been in use for thousands of years, both using nature's healing plants for their healing properties.  All of the cleaning products we use to clean our homes, clothes and bodies can be replaced with a less chemically harsh product using a DIY plant-based cleaner. Easy to make vinegar/essential oil mixture is an excellent  household cleaning product.  It is a lot less expensive then having to use numerous other individual products to get the same results.  
For thousands of years essential oils have been used in many ways including medicinal, emotional, mental and beauty purposes. Just a few days ago while at work, I cut my hand.  I lost about a 3/4 inch square of layer of skin and was bleeding quite profusely.  After washing it with a homemade sanitizer, I covered it with a bandage.  When at home I treated it with a drop of Frankincense essential oil with a jojoba carrier oil a few times per day. Within two days, it is already 90% healed up.

For a great hand sanitizer, which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and smells awesome try:
*1 tbs Witch Hazel.
*8 oz Pure Aloe Vera Gel.
*5-10 drops Eucalyptus, Peppermint or Tea Tree essential oil
5-10 drops Lemongrass, Lavender or Rosemary essential oil 
Mix all together in small squeeze bottle.
Shake before each use.
This will not kill good bacteria on our skin which we need.
It's definitely does not contain triclosan, 
Which seems to be in everything.

Living a plant-based lifestyle means living in a way that is good for both you and the environment.
It encourages us to make thoughtful and responsible decisions so we may have a positive impact on ourselves, others and our planet.

Have a great week. 
Be kind.

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