Sunday, March 31, 2019

Pantry Refill

Just a short post this week. 
We've been pretty busy these last several weeks and the cupboards were a little bare.  So it was time for a Trader Joe's trip to refill the pantry.  I know I talk about how great Trader Joe's is, but you can not find better deals on fresh veggies, pastas, seeds, nuts, frozen fruits, etc. and Kris says wine!  If you blessed with a Trader Joe's near you, I sure hope you are taking advantage of it.  We have a distribution center here, but no store.  We are glad to make the 45 minute drive over to Winter Park to stock up.

The bargain prices are too many to list, but just a few are organic canned beans..99cents, 1 lb. organic ground flax seed..$2.99,  roasted sunflower seeds, 16oz ..$1.99, bananas..19 cents each, 20 oz. extra firm tofu..$2.49, 2lb bag organic Fuji apples..$2.99, the best organic Taco shells..$1.99 with 12 oz. "beef-less"ground beef..$2.99 for the best tacos !

The list goes on..there is no reason you can't eat healthy for less.

Next week.. Recommended Reading

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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