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Guava has been called"the ultimate superfood".  Guavas are known for their sweet and tangy flavor and many uses, but there's much more to this "magical" fruit than meets the eye.  It is considered to be one of the top antioxidant foods with loads of vitamin C, vitamin A, Lycopene and high in fiber.  Native to Mexico, Central and South America, they can be grown in any warm tropical climates all over the world.  Guava trees grow in groups and grow easily and freely, often overgrowing pastures and fields.  Most of the world's commercial suppl of guava comes from the wild!  It can be eaten raw, cooked, baked and most known for its jellies and jams.  Guavas can be eaten whole, as the seeds, skin and flesh are all edible, and each part contains essential nutrients for optimum health benefits.  Even the leaves can be used in multiple ways.  Most common is by drying the leaves for tea, using the leaves to make an extract for essential oil or even by simply chewing on them!

Here are some benefits when eaten:
* Boosts the immune system(over 350% RDA Vit-C
*Lowers blood pressure(high in potassium and electrolytes)
*Reduces risk of kidney stones, stroke and bone loss, caused by low potassium levels
*High fiber content(over 20% RDA fiber)
*Prevents and treats cancer(over 50% RDA of lycopene, which inhibits cancer cell growth)

Here are some benefits from the leaves:
*Treats and prevents Diabetes, drinking guava leaf tea has been used to reverse diabetes.
*Antimicrobial and antibacterial, especially in oral health, especially by chewing the leaves.  Crushed leaves can be also used as an antiseptic for cuts and wounds.
*Highly anti-inflammatory due to its high content of flavonids.
*Prevents fatty buildup in arteries, by inhibiting an enzyme responsible  many cardiovascular conditions.

The best part of guava is it available at most grocery stores, and you can be grown from seed at home. It will produce fruit in as little as two years and continue for up to 40 years! 

Nature always has our backs.  
It provides us with all the plants we need to live a healthy life.
Almost 90% of pharmaceuticals are based on or inspired by substances contained in plants, most from the Amazon Rain Forest.

Have a great week. 
Be kind.

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