Sunday, April 23, 2017

Food as Medicine

An interesting thing about pharmaceutical drugs is that about 90% of them are based on or inspired by nutrients found in plants.  Around 70% of Americans are taking at least one expensive synthesized drug that probably exists in whole food.  A 2010 study by Colorado State University found that 68% of American adults take vitamin supplements and the average American fills 12 prescriptions per year (slightly over 12 pills per day!).  How is it that we make up 5% of the worlds population but take 80% of all prescription painkillers?  Making the headlines in the media is the ever rising problem we are facing with opioid addictions

Don't get me wrong, I not saying there isn't a time when we need to take antibiotics for some type of infection.  Medications, even when they help us, take a toll on our bodies.  Our "gut health" is severely compromised. They are very hard to digest and metabolize and our bodies recognize them as a foreign object and try to dispose of them.  I just believe that if we are eating a clean healthy diet our bodies will use whole foods to strengthen our immune systems.  Which will possibly prevent the need for pharmaceutical intervention.

When something is wrong with us, drugs should be the last resort, not the first.
Maybe try the "Farmachy" instead of the pharmacy.  There are many success stories of how changing your diet and lifestyles will impact your life.  Having more energy, mobility, weight loss, happiness etc. with less medications, depression and even saving money with less or no prescriptions to fill!
Nothing compares to the medicinal power of whole plant-based foods.
The nutritional value of food with all of their macro, micro, antioxidant, minerals and vitamins cannot be matched by a supplement or lab created pharmaceutical drug. 

You can see why preventative "medicine" is not a very lucrative option for the healthcare industry.  The pharmaceutical industry cannot duplicate the revenue by growing broccoli and kale. 
It seems the norm that people would rather go to the doctor, get a prescription, treat the symptoms and never fully get well.  Big Pharma loves that idea.  

Let's change the way we look at food.  
Let's use what we choose to eat as preventative medicine.
Let's spend are hard earned money eating more fruits and veggies. 
We alone have the power to make those choices.

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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