Saturday, March 2, 2019

Recommended Reading 03/02/19

March Recommendations

Let's get started with fitness.
*New research suggests the number of push-ups you can perform might be an indication of your overall heart health.  
If you are interested in learning how to increase that number, check out this video from the "Iceman" Wim Hof on How to do more push-ups   If you want to go even deeper and unlock your fullest potential, spend 45 minutes watching this new documentary from Yes Theory: "Becoming Superhuman"
After a long workout or activity instead of reaching for ibuprofen, try one of these 10 Natural Ways to Recover Faster

On to nutrition and wellness.
More knowledge from Dr. Michael Greger: "Why Prevention is Worth a Ton of Cure"
If you still have questions on adapting to a plant-based lifestyle, listen or watch Rich Rolls podcast with Marco Borges.. "The Greenprint Project-22 Days",  lately I have been more interested in watching the podcasts.  It's definitely better than watching mindless TV. 
Bored with the same old breakfast ideas? 15 Plant-based Breakfast and Brunch Ideas
Plant-based diets are becoming more widely known for their benefits:"Why Food Could Be the Best Medicine of All,
The healthy "cheese" alternative: Ingredient IQ:Nutritional Yeast.
Here's an all natural 2 ingredient mouthwash solution for :"Get Rid of Canker Sores"

Last but not least, Environmental.

This Sunday (3/3/19) on National Geographic Channel:

This is interesting..

 Have a great week.

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