Saturday, April 27, 2019

In Memory

It saddens my heart to say but we had to say goodbye to our sweet cat Lizzie this week.  She came into our lives as a  scrappy little alley/barn kitten, infested with fleas and ear mites, but full of sass.  She blessed us with 18 years of love and companionship and did things her way.  From being on the streets to living like royalty, she lived a long wonderful life.  We have been blessed to be a part of it.  She will be truly missed. She has graced every "Recommended Reading" blog post and will continue to be the happy little face every month.

Here are  several photos in memory:

Just a little "boober"

Hanging with friends

Camping out in the living room

Usual day

Watching over her subjects

You still there?

Her last Christmas
Good Night

Be kind to your pets, YOU are everything to them.


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