Sunday, December 10, 2017

Recommended Reading 12/10/17

It's recommended reading time.  I hope you enjoy the articles, videos, etc. that I share with you.  I try to give a wide range of different ideas, as it is always good to broaden our horizons.
With the winter Olympics just around the corner ,the first suggestion is podcast by 
Rich Roll who talks with Bryan Fogel on "How he exposed the biggest doping scandal in Olympic history"  The interview is quite interesting, but the real eyeopener is the actual documentary on Netflix called Icarus. Not only does this expose the extensive doping scandal in sports but also how this effects world politics. SCARY.
Next up, we all know someone who has student loans. This University says "no more". The US government needs to do this for all future student loans and reduce/remove interest rates on current loans.  That would sure help those are paying high monthly payments now, wouldn't that help the economy? 
Here's a tip on keeping our berries fresh, and longer in the refrigerator.
For a healthy great brekkie recipe try this Blended Date Oatmeal.
Here's another great easy recipe from "The Happy Pear" for "Mango Tempeh Noodle Curry Bowl"
With the holidays upon us,   "8 Holiday Foods You Should Never Eat" , from Spartan Life.
As I had mention in an earlier post, my son and I joined the "Spartan Trifecta Tribe" yesterday by completing the "The Beast" (and may I say at a record pace).  We've done the Sprint, Super and the Beast in 2017.  There were over 5000 participants yesterday, of all shapes, sizes and ages. It is an accomplishment that anyone who sets their minds to it and "gets off the couch" can achieve.  It will totally change your mindset and life.  "You will know at the finish line".  Check out Spartan.  

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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