Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowboarding in NYC

Snowboarding in NYC

I first learned of Casey Neistat in 2012. 
I watched a video he created for Nike "Make it Count" and I was hooked.
His work ethics are nonstop controlled chaos and even has "do more" tattooed 
on his forearm.
He started to do a daily "vlog" about ten months ago. He wanted to keep his motivation and 
film making fresh and is now on day # 305.

Today's vlog was epic and had over 2.5 million views in the first 7 hours.
If you haven't already seen, here it is:
You can watch the "behind the scenes" at:

His outlooks on life, work and family are contagious and makes you want go out and be creative.
So check it out.
 But be careful, you might get pulled in and end up watching all 300+
vlogs from the beginning.

Kris and I look forward to viewing the vlog everyday. 
Especially if his daughter "Francine" makes an appearance. 

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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