Sunday, January 6, 2019

Recommended Reading 01/06/19

Making New Year resolutions is a great idea, but it always seems we stick to them for a few short weeks and then we are back to old habits.  This year, let's break that chain and really make some life-changing decisions and follow through with them.  If we can redirect the energy from our bad habits into something more productive for a long enough period of time, we can form new good habits.  

My first recommendation is:
Wellth, a wonderful book by the founder of, Jason Wachob.  This is great starting place for creating new habits and a balanced healthy life.
If you have gone through sh*t in your life, haven't we all, it would be a safe bet it is nothing like what David Goggins  has been through.  I have listened to a few podcasts with this, tell it like it is, quit whining, stop asking questions and just f-ing do it, incredible person.  His book "Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy The Odds" will make you have a totally different outlook on what you can accomplish in life.  It is also available in audio version with many commentary extras, which I am listening to at the moment.  

 Are you a runner?  Do you like history?  There is more to the origin of the "marathon" then you think.   Road To Sparta is a very interesting book by Ultra marathoner Dean Karnazes.

Foggy, Anxious, Irritable?,  here's what toxins can do to your brain. 
Wabi Sabi,  This philosophy will help you embrace change and accept the past.
Get Off the Crack!: 8 ways to cut sugar from our diets.  We know that sugar is the root of many chronic diseases.
You should incorporate more flaxseeds into your diet.  Full of heart-healthy fats and fiber rich.

On the environmental side:
This company is turning sewage into fuel with no carbon emissions.
This one really hits home with me: Stop Tossing Your Banana Peel On The Trail
Conservation International's Nature Is Speaking: Forest

For some happy thoughts: 
Thoughts of Dog on twitter @dog_feelings
i found a really good stick, but i chewed it too hard and it broke in half.  which was disappointing until i realized now i have two sticks. today has been an emotional roller coaster.


Have a great week.

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