Sunday, January 1, 2017

Power Up with Beets

The wild beet is thought to have originated in prehistoric times in North Africa.   Growing wild on the shores of Asia and Europe it soon became an everyday staple.  The "greens" were the first to be consumed and later the roots became more common when the benefits became known.  The ancient Romans were the first to cultivate the roots as food and then spread throughout Europe as invading tribes spread their use in the 16th century.  Beets grew in value in the 19th century when the first "beet sugar" factory was built in Poland, finally heading to the United States where they now flourish.

Fresh from the farm!

Beet greens are are full of vitamins, minerals and high in fiber.   The  very high amount of vitamin K contains blood-clotting properties, fights aging, supports DNA, helps in preventing osteoporosis, works with building bone strength and may even help fighting Alzheimer disease.   The greens may be used in salads, sauteing with olive oil and are great in green juices and smoothies.

The roots can be eaten raw, roasted and cooked.   But be aware when preparing them as they will stain your hands and cooking utensils.  Here's an easy tutorial on prepping beets.

Beets are a high-antioxidant veggie that contains many nutrients for detoxing and cleansing of our bodies and blood.   The liver is the vital organ that filters and detoxifies the blood that comes through the digestive track before it reaches the bloodstream.   Beets contain a nutrient called betaine which helps the liver eliminate toxins and also pectin, a fiber which clears toxins that have been removed from the liver so they don't reincorporate back into the body.

Benefits of Beets

*Lowers your blood pressure ( high in nitrates).
*Boosts your stamina.*
*Fights inflammation.
*Phytonutrients that help ward off cancer.
*High in vitamin C, manganese and vitamin B.

Here's a couple of great recipes:
Beet Quinoa (Powerhouse recipe)
Veggie Beet/Bean Burger  (Plantpower Way)

As we start the New Year let's be the change the world needs.

Have a great week. 
Be kind.

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