Monday, September 3, 2018

Recommended Reading 09/03/18

It's recommended reading time!
First up is some environmental news..we all know that plastic is everywhere, "How much is there?"
Studies show its possible that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish.   Invasive species also ride the plastic flotilla across the oceans creating havoc on native habitats.  Did you know that even flushing used contact lens are adding to the micro plastic problem we are facing?  On the bright side researchers have found a giant deep-sea coral reef 160 miles off the coast of South Carolina.  Named the "Richardson Ridge" it is almost 80 miles long and full of healthy coral. 

For anyone who thinks vegan/plant-based diet followers are weak and have no strength, think again, 34 year old Strongman Patrik Baboumian broke the world yoke carry record: 1214 lbs carried for 32 feet!  You can an interview with Rich Roll here:"Why compassion is his strength"

We've been told we should take an aspirin a day for preventing heart disease, Should we?
What about the information on "hidden dangers of beans, legumes and whole grains because of lectins. Listen to Dr Gregers' take on "The Plant Paradox is Wrong"

For more video pleasure: 5 Nutrition Myths You Might Believe
Food for Thought: Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

For some real motivation: 31 in 31, transform yourself to be a high performer in life.
Check out "Macka B" on "Health is Wealth"

To end this, something pretty freaky: AI-"bring the dead BACK to life"

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