Sunday, March 10, 2019

It's Less Expensive To Eat Healthy

The majority of us work hard for our money.  We most definitely value what we purchase and want to get the most "bang for the buck" in those purchases.  With the rising cost of health care and the high out of pocket expenses, we should be doing everything possible to stay healthy.  By choosing to eat a whole food plant-based diet, not only are we getting the most nutrient-dense foods, we are spending less money.  At work the other day, a delivery driver was saying he went to the Emergency Room because of severe abdominal pain.  It turned out he had a kidney stone!  After a CT scan, IV's and pain medicine, 3 hours later he went home with a $12,500 bill.  Fortunately he had company insurance, but still was responsible for $2500.  He was also informed he had 2 more stones which would require surgery if  he didn't want to let them "pass", $5,000 out of pocket.  I gladly "passed" some information from  Dr. Michael Greger on preventing kidney stones with diet.  

"Nutrition is the master key to human health"
T.Colin Campbell, PhD

 A whole food, plant-based lifestyle features simple guidelines grounded in science.

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