Sunday, August 5, 2018

Recommended Reading 08/05/18

It's time for August Recommended Reading.
I hope you all enjoy these selections.

We all know it's very hot outside now.  It is August!  I am outside working in the elements all week long and it can be brutal.  You MUST stay hydrated!  Here is a earlier post on Thirsty?  With climate change being true, we don't want to become a statistic, Heat waves are deadly.

We all want to live longer and healthy.  Most of us have heard about areas around the world where they have the longest living cultures called Blue Zones.  This a great article from Conde Nast Traveller about Blue Zone of Sardinia

Here is a interesting article from Bloomberg on How America Uses Its Land,  the largest area is for pasture/range land and most cropland is for feeding animals.  Yet the area for growing food for us is only the size of Indiana, Illinois and half of Iowa!  Animal agriculture is not sustainable.  Please watch: How Not to Die, by Dr. Michael Greger.  

Want strong bones?  Quit chugging milk!

I know you've had this happen before: Arm fall asleep?

This is very cool!  Puerto Rico could have used this after Hurricane Irma rolled thru. A company, in the U.K. has started producing a rapid roll solar panel.  Check out this video from Renovagen.

I remember my Grandmother making banana creme pie,  Here is a great article on 15 Vegan Vintage Desserts

If you are feeling run down, stressed or pain, check out our CBD oil. "All the health without the high"

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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