Sunday, December 2, 2018

Recommended Reading 12/02/18

The year is almost over and here is the latest list of recommendations.
Lets get started with wellness
Here's another reason to change to a plant-based diet: Superbugs Found in More Then 3/4 of Supermarkets Meat
If you are not a coffee lover you might want to give this a try.  (I like both!);Better than coffee? Yerba Matte
A great article from Forks Over Knives on how a woman battling MS changed her diet and her life.
For a quick healthy dessert: Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding.
We all need this: Secrets To Cultivating a Happier Life by Kris Carr.

Next up environmental news
What's going on with all the fires out west: 6 Trends to Know About Fire Season in The Western U.S.
Spread the word: protecting mangroves has never been more important: Share The Facts About Mangroves
More corporations need to follow Patagonia's example: Our Urgent Gift to the Planet

For the long reads:


Have a great week.

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