Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's Hot Out! Give Me Some Cold Brew Coffee!

When it's this hot out, no one wants to drink hot coffee.

The newest craze in coffee is "cold brew".  It seems everyone is jumping on the wagon.  You can find it at Starbucks, local coffee cafes, grocery stores and even at your local convenience store is stocking it on the shelf.  I have been brewing my own cold brew for a few years now and its super simple to do.  If you have been paying the high price to enjoy this wonder drink you might consider brewing it yourself. 

Why is cold brew better than drip/hot coffee?  
Coffee is a very healthy drink, it can boost athletic performance, reduce the risk of diabetes, colon cancer, gall stones and Parkinson's disease as well as improve liver health.  By not heating the coffee beans the coffee is less acidic, therefore it improves control of acid reflux, increases amounts of antioxidants( high temperatures destroys antioxidants) Cold brew has a very smooth less bitter taste.

To brew your own all you need is:
*32 or 64 ounce glass container (pitcher or large mason jar)
*A cloth coffee "sock" or cheesecloth.
*Course ground coffee of choice.
Clod filtered water.

Fill the "sock" with 1/2-3/4 cup ground coffee.
Slowly pour cold water over coffee into container.
Stir coffee for better saturation while in water.
Refrigerate over night.
It's ready to drink 12-24 hours.
You can store your brew in a growler.

I mix tsp of coconut palm sugar, a small amount of non-dairy milk and straight cold brew (you can mix 50/50 with water if you want) into a glass bottle and enjoy!

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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