Sunday, July 16, 2017

Natural Allergy Relief

Anyone who has been hiking before or even working in the garden has probably encountered "stinging nettle".  You never forget the stinging pain on your leg or hands that comes with brushing up against this wonderful weed.  But the natural benefits outweigh the sting of Nettle.  The first recorded use of it was by Roman soldiers battling the harsh cold by rubbing leaves on their arms to induce inflammation just to warm their skin!  Its leaves have long stinging hairs that inject chemicals into the skin of unlucky persons or animals who cross its path.  It is its natural defense mechanism.

Some of the great benefits when consuming nettle are:
*Helps to detox the body, it is a natural diuretic, flushing out harmful chemicals and 
excess liquids. especially useful in urinary tract infections.
*Promotes healthy blood circulation and cardiovascular health, with high amounts of
iron and vitamin c its helps to alleviate anemia and fatigue.  Also with high amounts of potassium it lowers your risk of strokes and heart attacks.
*Reduces arthritis pain, the antioxidant properties minimize the swelling related with arthritis and used topically can relieve some pain also.  
*Alleviates allergic reactions, even though the physical contact of nettle causes inflammation, the ingestion of it does the opposite by dampening the body's response to allergens.  It binds with the body's histamine receptors to lessen the effects of allergy symptoms. 

One of the most effective ways to consume Nettle is drinking a tea blend of  nettle, peppermint tea  and honey.  Nettle by itself has a very strong earthy taste, the honey and peppermint smooth it out a little.  You can find a variety of different brands to purchase online or at your local health food store,  Some even sell it in bulk so you can make your blend.

The next time you have the sniffles from pollen, etc in the air, brew  a cup of Nettle tea!  During heavy allergy season drink it daily you will definitely see a difference.  
It is always better to find a natural remedy from nature than bombarding your immune system with a man-made alternative.

Have a great week.
Be kind.

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