Sunday, April 26, 2015



I watched the "Cowspiracy" documentary yesterday.  I listened to a Rich Roll podcast, with the writers/ producers of this incredible documentary a while back. It's content is eye-opening. It will make you angry, with how corporations and environmental organizations don't want to look at the real causes of our state of  the environment.  But also, it gives you hope to know there is a way to change it for the better, through changing the way we eat.

You can watch the film on their website( until Wednesday 29th) for a donation of only $1, but donate more if possible.
It will change your frame of reference on your life, how you eat and what you can do to change our world to be better place for our future generations.

Watch the trailer here: Cowspiracy trailer
Then please watch the film: 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Deepwater Horizon Disaster

April 20th is the fifth anniversary of of what has been called the worst environmental
disaster in US history.  We can not let this happen again.  BP says everything is fine in the gulf,
The oil is gone...all is well.  The damage to the miles of shoreline and wetlands have been restored.
The marine life is healthy and abundant, and safe to thank you.
Researchers say different.. five years is too early to make a sound statement on long term effects.
The federal government has proposed new offshore drilling for oil off the Atlantic coast.
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Draft includes oil drilling in the mid and south 
Atlantic and even the Arctic Ocean! We need to switch to alternative fuels (NOT natural gas)
that are sustainable and renewable.
If you agree.. please sign this petition from Surfrider Foundation: NOT THE ANSWER!

Deepwater Horizon Disaster could have been prevented!
A very interesting book on how BP operates please read: Run to Failure
A good article to read from Reuters:Browne's BP cost-cutting led to Gulf spill

With Earth Day on Wednesday the 22nd, we need to start making some changes.

Have a great week and get outside!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Change your diet... Change your life

Change your diet...Change your life

Research is showing that the food we consume is the number one contributor to our overall health.
We need high quality and nutrient dense whole foods to have our bodies operate the way they are
intended.  It also has been shown, that what we consume also can be healing and prevent  chronic illnesses.  Multiple Sclerosis, along with Diabetes, High blood pressure,etc.. is one condition that can be treated with your diet! 

Here is video from Dr. Terry Wahls, on how she treats herself for MS:
From Wheelchair to Walking
Also an article from Dr. John McDougall:
The McDougall Newsletter
A video from Dr. Michael Gregor:
Treating Multiple Sclerosis

"Invest in your nutrition. Healthy foods are way cheaper than hospital bills"

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter


3 Quick notes for today;

1: Dr. Garth Davis had a very important "rant" on his Facebook page:

2: The @Cowspiracy guys also just launched a @ThunderclapIt campaign - watch the movie for $1 on #EarthDay - join here!…

3: Vegan ' cheese' popcorn recipe:
This so good!

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