Sunday, May 28, 2017

Time to Make a Change

Day in, day out.  
We seem to get stuck in an endless rut with no way out.  Some people like being in that same groove, spinning their wheels and going nowhere.  We all want to make changes in our lives but we get lost in the approach of how to do it.  Change does not happen overnight.  It takes commitment, perseverance and the willingness to change course when we don't arrive at the desired location.  

  If what you are doing is not getting the results you want, do something different.
Just don't give up!
It's not always easy (it never is!), change will make us uncomfortable, grumpy, hungry and sore.  But in the big picture its always worth it.  Whether you want to control stress in your life, eat healthier, live in the moment, lose that little extra weight or just be a more kind loving human being, you must commit to doing it.  When the going gets rough and you stumble or fall along the way, get your ass back up.  Brush yourself off and get moving towards the goal.  You will not get there if you stop.   Don't give in to the negative thoughts that you will never change and its not worth all the trouble.

Here's an easy map to get to your destination:

*Create a goal.  Make it obtainable: if you want to lose 50 lbs., first set a goal of 10 lbs., you will have a sense of accomplishment when you reach it.  Then keep going.
*Write it down.  Look at it daily. Writing goals down set them in motion.
*Set a realistic time to obtain the goal.  We didn't get where we are overnight.
*Do it with a friend.  Or a coach, you need support and accountability to reach your goals.
*Commit for 14 days.  At that time (if you stay committed) you will see and feel a difference.  If changes need to be made to achieve your goal, do it. Don't quit!
*Celebrate your achievement. See what changes are occurring and focus on all the good that you are doing for yourself.
Learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  Change your frame of reference and be the best YOU that you can be.

 You will realize that you are capable of so much more.   You alone choose your path in life.

I hope this post gives you encouragement to make a change in your life.
Kris and I are working towards one of our goals also.  We have a passion for helping others in their own journeys to better themselves.  Through our own struggles for better health and fulfillment in life we will soon be able to use the continuing knowledge we have learned along the way to help others with their struggles.  Plant-based nutrition, exercise, meals and meal prepping, stress free living and holistic living will be our intentions in creating a new venture coming soon!
More information coming.

Have a great week.
Be kind.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

B12 Healthy

A major concern for plant-based eaters is getting enough vitamin B 12.
B 12 is naturally found in animal products such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy.  Vitamin B 12 is actually a bacteria, produced by microorganisms in the soil.  Animals obtain this from consuming grasses and scratching and rooting through dirt.  It's possible to obtain some B 12 from not washing all the dirt off your fresh picked veggies but who wants to eat dirt.  According to the National Health  and Nutrition Examination Survey one in every 31 adults in the US are deficient in vitamin B 12.  

Common signs of B 12 deficiency are:
*Weakness, fatigue or low energy.
*Shortness of breath.
*Loss of appetite.
*Digestive issues.
*Frequent bruising or bleeding.
*Numbness or tingling in hands or feet.
*Brain fog, memory loss, or confusion.

By eating enriched foods products such as fortified nutritional yeast, soy, cereals and meat substitutes and Nori seaweed, we can increase our uptake some.  The best way to get enough is to take a supplement.  B 12 has many forms and the most common are cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin.  "Cyano" is commonly found in supplements and energy drinks, however for our bodies to use it, it must be converted to "Methyl".
So it seems to supplement with a Methylcobalamin would be a better choice.  2000 mcg is the recommended weekly dose.  Kris and I supplement weekly by taking a 1000 mcg quick dissolve chewable tablet every Saturday and Sunday along with a brazil nut.   

They are easily found for a great price on Amazon.

If ignored a Vitamin B 12 deficiency can effect the whole body leading to permanent brain and nerve damage.  By eating a mostly alkaline, hydrating diet full of fresh veggies, grains and fruit are intestines will stay clean and function properly.  

I have mentioned "Happy Pear" before on the blog, but you have to check out the latest video on meal prepping for the week.  They have some of the quickest and easiest recipes I have found.

Got to go for now... heading to Trader Joe's.

Have a great week. 
Be kind.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spartan Weekend

I became a Spartan on Valentines Day 2015.  I, along with our son, have completed many races since then.  But this weekend we completed 2 of the 3 races to earn our "Trifecta".  Our grandson did his first "kids race", becoming the third generation of Spartans!  You must complete all three distances(Sprint, Super and Beast) within the same calendar year.  This December we will accomplish that feat.  The "Beast" awaits us.

Becoming a Spartan will change your life, you will become unstoppable in everything you do.

Our lives are never ending obstacles.  You will learn to change your frame of reference and conquer those with determination and grit.  When doubt, fear and storms come your way you have the power to overcome them. You are the storm!

 I have read  Spartan Up! numerous times( here's an earlier post) and I can say that it will encourage you in every aspect of your life.  Watch this short video here: 

Get off the couch and change you life.

Here's a quick recipe for what I use to fuel my body during Spartan races:

AROO Spartan Balls
10-15 pitted dates.
1 cup raisins.
2 tbs. tahini paste.
2 tbs. cacao powder.
1/2 cup your choice chopped nuts or seeds (I use sunflower or pepitas)
1/4 cup shredded coconut flakes.

In a food processor or Vita-Mix pulse dates and raisin into a paste.
In a bowl mix paste with all other ingredients except coconut flakes.
Roll into a softball size ball mixing well to get a good consistency.
Shape into 1-2 inch balls and roll in shredded coconut flakes.
keep in refrigerator until ready  use to fuel your way through the day.
The dates are a low glycemic fuel your body uses to provide a great source of energy.

If possible, call and thank them for all they have done for you.
Have a great week. 
Be kind.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Changing The Way We think About Food

The current way we are feeding the world is not sustainable.  There over 7 billion people (9.7 billion by 2050) to feed in the world today.  There has to be a change in how we will successfully accomplish feeding healthy foods to that amount.   Did you know that 50% of grain grown worldwide is consumed by livestock which is enough food to feed 10 billion people.

This week I want to share a few links to how this can be done and create a healthier population and planet. 
On the latest Rich Roll podcast: Bruce Friedrich on "Innovating the Future of Food".
A great  article by Dr. Joel Kahn: "Everything You Need To Know To Start A Plant-based Diet".

Here's a quick nutritious meal I created last week;

"V4Veg Mexican Bowl"
1/2 diced onion.
1 diced red, green or yellow bell pepper.
15 oz. can Trader Joe's Organic Black Beans.
16 oz. bag Trader Joe's Organic Corn.
8 oz. cubed Trader Joe's Organic 3-Grain Tempeh.
Spices: Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Chipotle, Sea Salt and Black pepper.
Prepared Quinoa or Brown Rice.

Saute onions in small amount of coconut oil or water.
Add in bell peppers and spices to taste.
Add cubed tempeh, getting good coverage with spices.
Let cook/marinate for 5-10 minutes, stirring until tempeh is warmed.
Mix in corn.
Stir in Black Beans.
Let cook for 10-15 minutes on medium heat.
Serve on  a bed of quinoa or brown rice.
Top with Daiya Cheddar Cheese or Nutritional Yeast
Shredded Romaine Lettuce

This a spicy meatless high protein, high fiber and nutritious meal!

Have a great week.
Be kind.