Sunday, July 31, 2016

Have Some Watermelon

Have Some Watermelon

It's still really hot and humid outside.  Nothing is more refreshing than a slice of cold watermelon.  Watermelon is 90% water but soaked full of nutrients.  It is natures' "vitamin water", filled with Lycopene, vitamins A, C, B6 , Potassium and Magnesium.  Although is is mostly water and helps you stay hydrated on a hot summer day, it doesn't replace the need for good filtered water.  There are over 300 varieties grown in United States and Mexico, although only 50 being more popular.   It is thought to have originated from Egypt over 5000 years ago and is the most consumed melon in the US. followed by cantaloupe and honey dew.  

Watermelon is  a great source of Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant which helps prevents strokes, ovarian/prostate cancer and has even reduced tumor growth.  Providing 6.5 mg in less than 1/2 cup serving, even better then raw tomatoes.  Another powerful phytonutrient found in watermelon is citrulline, which is an amino acid that converts to L-arginine. This promotes healthy blood flow, improved cardiovascular health, improved circulation and reduces blood pressure.

Here are some fun facts about watermelon:
*A pre-workout drink of watermelon "juice" helps to prevent muscle soreness, because of the citrulline.
*Watermelon is both fruit and vegetable, the rind is edible(throw the white rind in a blender with a shot of lime juice for a healthy treat. It contains more citrulline then the pink flesh) and black seeds are also edible(they contain iron, zinc, protein and fiber). 
*Seedless watermelons are not GMO, as they're the results of hybridization.
* It also contains cucurbitacin E which reduces the activity of pain and inflammation  caused by the enzyme cyclooxygenase, the same enzyme blocked by NSIAD, like aspirin and ibuprofen.
*"Remember to eat watermelon and fruit alone or your stomach will moan"!...MangoMan

Here's a video on how to shop for the best watermelon from "The Mango Man"
Also a great recipe for "Watermelon Steak"

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Drink Some Water!

"Drink Some Water!"

About a month ago I did a post on the importance of staying hydrated "Thirsty?" 
It has been very hot and humid pretty much everywhere and I just want to make sure we all are drinking water through out the day.  I drink at least one gallon of water per day and usually more.  Even if you don't work out in the heat like I do, it is very important to still stay hydrated.

Here's a great article on "The Truth About Water"

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Sunday, July 17, 2016



Guava has been called"the ultimate superfood".  Guavas are known for their sweet and tangy flavor and many uses, but there's much more to this "magical" fruit than meets the eye.  It is considered to be one of the top antioxidant foods with loads of vitamin C, vitamin A, Lycopene and high in fiber.  Native to Mexico, Central and South America, they can be grown in any warm tropical climates all over the world.  Guava trees grow in groups and grow easily and freely, often overgrowing pastures and fields.  Most of the world's commercial suppl of guava comes from the wild!  It can be eaten raw, cooked, baked and most known for its jellies and jams.  Guavas can be eaten whole, as the seeds, skin and flesh are all edible, and each part contains essential nutrients for optimum health benefits.  Even the leaves can be used in multiple ways.  Most common is by drying the leaves for tea, using the leaves to make an extract for essential oil or even by simply chewing on them!

Here are some benefits when eaten:
* Boosts the immune system(over 350% RDA Vit-C
*Lowers blood pressure(high in potassium and electrolytes)
*Reduces risk of kidney stones, stroke and bone loss, caused by low potassium levels
*High fiber content(over 20% RDA fiber)
*Prevents and treats cancer(over 50% RDA of lycopene, which inhibits cancer cell growth)

Here are some benefits from the leaves:
*Treats and prevents Diabetes, drinking guava leaf tea has been used to reverse diabetes.
*Antimicrobial and antibacterial, especially in oral health, especially by chewing the leaves.  Crushed leaves can be also used as an antiseptic for cuts and wounds.
*Highly anti-inflammatory due to its high content of flavonids.
*Prevents fatty buildup in arteries, by inhibiting an enzyme responsible  many cardiovascular conditions.

The best part of guava is it available at most grocery stores, and you can be grown from seed at home. It will produce fruit in as little as two years and continue for up to 40 years! 

Nature always has our backs.  
It provides us with all the plants we need to live a healthy life.
Almost 90% of pharmaceuticals are based on or inspired by substances contained in plants, most from the Amazon Rain Forest.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

"Eat like a peasant, live like Royalty" part three

"Eat like peasant, live like Royalty" 
Part Three

How to Eat

Every meal should fill us with joy.  We need to remember that the food we eat will soon be a part of us.  It will be absorbed by our flesh and blood and bone, it's life force will become ours.  We can no longer pretend that our eating habits aren't putting us in danger of a definite risk for disease.  Even affecting the quality of our life.  We need to be better informed on the nutritional value of what we consume.  Just remember, heart disease, cancer, stroke, hypertension, kidney and liver disease, osteoporosis, depression, type 2 diabetes are all caused by eating the wrong things.  The choice you make right now creates the next moment you will encounter.   It's really not that complicated.  Consume only food that feeds you with nourishing vitamins, minerals, plant proteins, fibers, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats etc.  Try to eat something raw with every meal. 70% raw-30% cooked is a good rule to follow.  Raw foods help our cells stay hydrated.  Steaming and sauteing veggies are the best way to prepare if cooking.  Tomatoes when cooked produce a higher release of lycopene then when consumed raw.  Don't just get stuck in a rut eating the same thing all the time. Eat the rainbow of colors in different fruits and veggies and try to eat what is in season ( also less expensive). Nature provides us with the nutrients we need at the right time of year when we need them.  

Here's a quick and nutritious meal you can prepare in less the 30 minutes:

Quinoa Black Bean Bowl(for 2)
Prepare 1/2 cup quinoa or Super Grain Blend (quinoa, millet, buckwheat)
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained,
(seasoned with garlic and onion powder, cumin, chipotle)
Saute a couple of hands full of chopped kale in a tablespoon of coconut oil, with sea salt and pepper
until slightly wilted.
In a bowl top the kale with quinoa, black beans, sliced avocado, a hand full of sliced cherry tomatoes and season with nutritional yeast.

"A Bean, a Green and a Grain"

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Eat like a peasant, Live like Royalty" part two

"Eat like a peasant, Live like Royalty" 
Part Two

"Healthy eating is too expensive".  I've heard that so many times and yes with some choices it can be.  But it doesn't have to be.  Shopping at "Whole Foods" used to be known as "Whole Paycheck". Yes they have high quality and hard to find products, but you will pay the price.  Their "365 Everyday Value Brand" is the way to go.  Both organic and natural products are available and the price is hard to beat.   Most of us don't have a store near us, myself included, but when I am near one... you can bet I will be walking those aisles.   If you have a "Trader Joes" near you, you can find many great choices to choose from at a low price.  We have a statewide distribution center ten miles from our house!  But the nearest retail store is forty miles away ! Crazy!  You can find everything you need to eat healthy and at a reasonable price at your local grocery store and even Walmart.  Walmart has been "talking" with Whole Foods on how they can provide healthy organic foods for their customers.  They now carry a wide assortment of organic products and even carry "Beyond Meat"  and "Hampton Creek" products.  Both of these companies are bringing cutting edge technology from the "plant-based" food industry into mainstream market.  

You can "eat like a peasant" by buying nutrient dense foods and not buying "crap".
Here's a quick easy way to keep a tight budget on your choices;
$20-25 on fresh produce: 
$5- a bag organic chopped kale or other greens
$3- head of broccoli or cauliflower
$3-a bunch of organic celery
$2-3 bananas or
$5- bag of organic apples (Why choose organic?)
$4- 2 avocados
$4 -5 sweet potato and an onion

$10-12 on bulk products:
$2-3 dry beans
$2-3 dry quinoa and wild rice
$2-3 raw nuts(almonds cashews

$12-15 on canned and bagged staples:
$3- 2 cans of chick peas
$3- 2 cans black beans
$3 bag of lentils
$3 bag of organic oats
$5 Badia ground flax seed (avail-Walmart)

$3 Non-dairy milk
Almond, soy, coconut or even cashew

$10 frozen fruit and veggies

This is just a suggestion on what to purchase, we need to eat a variety of different foods.
And remember this only for a week, so fresh produce won't go bad.
You can make many different meals with theses combinations.

Creamy Tomato Soup
In a large saucepan heat:
1-28 oz. Trader Joe's Tuscano Marinara Sauce.
3 cups Vegetable broth.
1/2 cup raw cashews.
A handful of fresh basil leaves(10-12).

Divide mixture in half.  Blend half in a high speed blender(Vitamix) along with the raw cashews (this is what will make the soup very creamy) until smooth. Return to saucepan and blend the remaining half in blender. Return to saucepan and keep warm until ready to serve. Chiffonade the fresh basil and sprinkle on top of soup.

Homemade Croutons
Use your day old hard French bread or baguettes to make delicious croutons! 
just cut them into bite size cubes, toss with olive oil and garlic salt. Bake at 350' until brown, approximately 10 minutes flipping once or twice.

Since tomorrow is 4th of July, here's a recipe posted last year for "Watermelon Steak"

Have a great week.
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