Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grow Your Own Sprouts!

Growing your own sprouts is fun and easy!  This is a family friendly project that the kids will enjoy.  We purchase our supplies locally at Access To Organics

Sprouting  Jar & Seed Mixes

Protein Powerhouse Blend Sprouting Seeds contain
Adzuki, Garbonzo, Mung Beans and Snow Pea.
It's a delicious source of nutrient rich protein!
Put on top of salads, sandwiches, or in your
favorite stir fry.

3 Part Salad Mix contains Organic Alfalfa, Radish &
Broccoli.This mixture is great on salads
& sandwiches or stuffed in pitas!

The Protein Powerhouse Blend
takes about 3 days to grow.  Check out
the progress of our first batch:

DAY 1--Soak seeds 10-12 hours
Day 2- Rinse and drain seeds thoroughly three times daily.

Day 4-Sprouts ready to put on top of a great big bowl of salad!

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