Sunday, July 7, 2019

Recommended Reading 07/07/2019

It's reading time!  These are my favorite posts to do.  Knowledge is power.  Being able to share the articles and videos I come across is fulfilling and I hope you enjoy.  I hope they open your minds to new ideas and solutions to any issues you personally might be encountering.

We should all know by now that we are in a climate emergency.  The world is changing and we need to drastically change the way we are living our lives.
Climate crisis: Europe's cities dangerously unprepared for heat wave hell
 Alaska Heat Wave  It was 90' in Anchorage, Alaska on July 4th.
The youth will show the way: Greta Thunberg on igniting an Environmental Movement.
Even the world's investors are demanding action: $34 Trillion
Fresh water discovered under the North Atlantic.
The hype around hemp: Hemp is Back

New study shows risks from highly processed foods.
Foggy, Anxious, Irritable? here's what toxins can do to your brain health.
You know it's hot outside: Your Body in Extreme Heat
While you are outside, try these 5 Natural Ingredients you can use as DEET-Free mosquito repellent.
Want to live longer? Welcome to The Blue Zones Life


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