Sunday, August 4, 2019

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I have been on a social media  "cutback" over the past few weeks.  I haven't posted anything on the blog for 3 weeks, but I am back with my favorite type of post.  Let us get started with:

Being one that works outside, I have definitely noticed a change in the environment; 
IT IS GETTING HOTTER.  I have noticed small changes in nature.  One example: Podocarpus is ornamental shrub used in Florida as a hedge or a specimen bush.  They produce a small purple berry which ripens in July- August which birds quickly consume.  They are edible and can be made into a native jelly.  The concern, is last year and this year I have not found very many.  Another example is the Smilax vine, just this year I have noticed a large decline in new growth (which is delicious raw and better saute'd in vegan butter and garlic). In the natural areas that I work it grows in abundance.   Not sure why this is but it is puzzling.  Nothing like the looks I get when I break off  a fresh tender shoot and eat it.  No, it doesn't taste like chicken, more like fresh asparagus!  Non-native invasive species are on the move from the southern warm areas in Florida towards the north.  Ex:Melaleuca trees (predominantly found in southern Florida) have now moved into northern central Florida.  I have even found a lone small Melaleuca on the Fl-Ga. border!
Climate Change is happening right now and we have the knowledge to stop the madness.
*It's warming.
*It's us.
*We're sure.
*It's bad.
*We CAN fix it.

Bees and other pollinators are crucial for our food production:
The Netherlands  have turned 316 bus stops into homes for bees.

The Florida Everglades is changing daily. The Snakes That Ate Florida: Python Invasion.

Since Shark Week wraps up today on Discovery Channel here are some crucial points on sharks:
100 Million Sharks are killed every year.

Watch "Saving Jaws"  on for free.

Niacin (B3)helps our bodies turn food into fuel. Studies have also shown it raises good HDL and lowers triglycerides as well or better then prescription drugs. Her are 30 foods high in niacin.

How can you can consume iron rich foods to get the right amount your body needs? What is iron? and why is it important

From the No Meat Athlete: The Only Plant Power Bowl You Will Ever Need.

9 High Protein Breakfasts without eggs.

Everyone needs a daily mindfulness practice.  Here's a some simple techniques.

Start each day with gratitude and see how your outlook will change.
 Have a great week.
Be kind.

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